Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    Sorted ascending. Click again to sort descending.TeamMatW1W2DrawL1L2%Win
    CDCA:5th Grade220000100%
    CDCA:7th Grade220000100%
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 2211000100%
    CDCA:Under 10 Red43001075%
    CDCA:Under 1132001067%
    CDCA:Under 1232001067%
    CDCA:Under 1431101067%
    CDCA:1st Grade20100150%
    CDCA:4th Grade21001050%
    CDCA:6th Grade20101050%
    CDCA:6th Grade21000150%
    CDCA:8th Grade21001050%
    CDCA:Under 1521001050%
    CDCA:2nd Division 1 Day31002033%
    CDCA:Under 1231002033%
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 131002033%
    CDCA:Under 10 Green41003025%
    CDCA:Under 10 White41003025%
    CDCA:3rd Grade2001100%
    CDCA:8th Grade2000200%
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:1st Grade       
    CDCA:2nd Grade       
    CDCA:3rd Grade       
    CDCA:4th Grade       
    CDCA:4th Grade       
    CDCA:5th Grade       
    CDCA:6th Grade       
    CDCA:7th Grade       
    CDCA:8th Grade       
    CDCA:9th Grade       
    CDCA:One Day Div 1       
    CDCA:One Day Div 2       

    Season batting statistics
    CDCA:5th Grade7221260.171166.19151
    CDCA:7th Grade3322016.60863.83007
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 2217731.00544.02001
    CDCA:Under 10 Red4381529.20805.48000
    CDCA:Under 11354659.00874.07010
    CDCA:Under 125321438.001084.93134
    CDCA:Under 142371912.47713.31005
    CDCA:1st Grade4993315.121393.58028
    CDCA:4th Grade4892420.381333.67024
    CDCA:6th Grade4591335.311064.33112
    CDCA:6th Grade3312612.731043.16007
    CDCA:8th Grade4942222.451443.43102
    CDCA:Under 153661133.27804.58114
    CDCA:2nd Division 1 Day4532121.571024.44004
    CDCA:Under 124531923.841104.12013
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 14412022.051213.64013
    CDCA:Under 10 Green4392616.88805.49000
    CDCA:Under 10 White191267.35603.18000
    CDCA:3rd Grade3311917.42963.44   
    CDCA:8th Grade3992515.961372.91005
    CDCA:10th Grade00      
    CDCA:10th Grade        
    CDCA:10th Grade        
    CDCA:10th Grade        
    CDCA:10th Grade        
    CDCA:1st Grade00      
    CDCA:2nd Grade00      
    CDCA:3rd Grade00      
    CDCA:4th Grade00      
    CDCA:4th Grade        
    CDCA:5th Grade00      
    CDCA:6th Grade00      
    CDCA:7th Grade00      
    CDCA:8th Grade00      
    CDCA:9th Grade00      
    CDCA:One Day Div 100      
    CDCA:One Day Div 200      

    Season bowling statistics
    CDCA:5th Grade2552220.881074.871
    CDCA:7th Grade2637414.381173.181
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 2231576.83652.390
    CDCA:Under 10 Red3233810.56804.231
    CDCA:Under 11231285.57681.860
    CDCA:Under 121845525.281104.140
    CDCA:Under 14362968.221012.910
    CDCA:1st Grade3050716.901343.762
    CDCA:4th Grade1836720.391173.110
    CDCA:6th Grade2540216.081233.260
    CDCA:6th Grade1837220.671163.210
    CDCA:8th Grade1935718.791272.810
    CDCA:Under 151327120.85723.760
    CDCA:2nd Division 1 Day2148323.001164.160
    CDCA:Under 122241919.05974.300
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 12225411.55793.220
    CDCA:Under 10 Green2341418.00805.180
    CDCA:Under 10 White942447.11607.070
    CDCA:3rd Grade2056728.351135.01 
    CDCA:8th Grade1558338.871244.700
    CDCA:10th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:10th Grade      
    CDCA:10th Grade      
    CDCA:10th Grade      
    CDCA:10th Grade      
    CDCA:1st Grade00 0  
    CDCA:2nd Grade00 0  
    CDCA:3rd Grade00 0  
    CDCA:4th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:4th Grade      
    CDCA:5th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:6th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:7th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:8th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:9th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:One Day Div 100 0  
    CDCA:One Day Div 200 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team