Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    Sorted ascending. Click again to sort descending.TeamMatW1W2DrawL1L2%Win
    CDCA:Under 10 Red1312001092%
    CDCA:4th Grade87001088%
    CDCA:Under 1587001088%
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 274201086%
    CDCA:5th Grade86011075%
    CDCA:7th Grade74111071%
    CDCA:Under 1296003067%
    CDCA:6th Grade83212063%
    CDCA:Under 10 Green127005058%
    CDCA:Under 1195004056%
    CDCA:Under 1494104056%
    CDCA:6th Grade83103150%
    CDCA:Under 1284004050%
    CDCA:2nd Division 1 Day115015045%
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 173004043%
    CDCA:1st Grade71113129%
    CDCA:Under 10 White1220010017%
    CDCA:3rd Grade81034013%
    CDCA:8th Grade81006113%
    CDCA:8th Grade8001610%
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:10th Grade       
    CDCA:1st Grade       
    CDCA:2nd Grade       
    CDCA:3rd Grade       
    CDCA:4th Grade       
    CDCA:4th Grade       
    CDCA:5th Grade       
    CDCA:6th Grade       
    CDCA:7th Grade       
    CDCA:8th Grade       
    CDCA:9th Grade       
    CDCA:One Day Div 1       
    CDCA:One Day Div 2       

    Season batting statistics
    CDCA:Under 10 Red16965729.752806.06000
    CDCA:4th Grade11646717.373433.390610
    CDCA:Under 1512644031.602784.55247
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 28023125.871914.20016
    CDCA:5th Grade18406329.213345.502910
    CDCA:7th Grade12736120.873094.122113
    CDCA:Under 1217825333.622956.043611
    CDCA:6th Grade17866029.773854.63357
    CDCA:Under 10 Green14036421.922405.85000
    CDCA:Under 119183526.232683.43027
    CDCA:Under 149245716.212623.520112
    CDCA:6th Grade11369012.623383.360018
    CDCA:Under 1211654824.272904.01038
    CDCA:2nd Division 1 Day14568217.763883.750216
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 18954719.042553.510110
    CDCA:1st Grade14339614.934922.910315
    CDCA:Under 10 White7936911.492203.60000
    CDCA:3rd Grade13477817.274213.200312
    CDCA:8th Grade10699011.883323.211215
    CDCA:8th Grade118110011.814132.861025
    CDCA:10th Grade00      
    CDCA:10th Grade        
    CDCA:10th Grade        
    CDCA:10th Grade        
    CDCA:10th Grade        
    CDCA:1st Grade00      
    CDCA:2nd Grade00      
    CDCA:3rd Grade00      
    CDCA:4th Grade00      
    CDCA:4th Grade        
    CDCA:5th Grade00      
    CDCA:6th Grade00      
    CDCA:7th Grade00      
    CDCA:8th Grade00      
    CDCA:9th Grade00      
    CDCA:One Day Div 100      
    CDCA:One Day Div 200      

    Season bowling statistics
    CDCA:Under 10 Red107116510.892804.161
    CDCA:4th Grade7894312.093492.702
    CDCA:Under 1571104014.653053.410
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 26970310.192303.060
    CDCA:5th Grade86166019.304223.932
    CDCA:7th Grade7994711.9911230.842
    CDCA:Under 1259140023.733414.110
    CDCA:6th Grade89120213.514132.912
    CDCA:Under 10 Green71115816.312404.830
    CDCA:Under 116767710.102552.650
    CDCA:Under 1488122213.893473.520
    CDCA:6th Grade84130515.544223.091
    CDCA:Under 1256105818.892733.871
    CDCA:2nd Division 1 Day80145118.143584.052
    CDCA:Under 13 Div 15069313.862093.310
    CDCA:1st Grade76124816.423463.605
    CDCA:Under 10 White41141834.592007.090
    CDCA:3rd Grade62139822.553444.051
    CDCA:8th Grade59141023.903464.070
    CDCA:8th Grade54146727.173434.270
    CDCA:10th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:10th Grade      
    CDCA:10th Grade      
    CDCA:10th Grade      
    CDCA:10th Grade      
    CDCA:1st Grade00 0  
    CDCA:2nd Grade00 0  
    CDCA:3rd Grade00 0  
    CDCA:4th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:4th Grade      
    CDCA:5th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:6th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:7th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:8th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:9th Grade00 0  
    CDCA:One Day Div 100 0  
    CDCA:One Day Div 200 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team